If it is less than 5 days before the tournament, before you mail your check, send a Group e-Mail to all the pairers. 
Pairers e-Mail addresses are on the Contact Us page.  We will let you know if we can get you in the tournament.
Make your check payable to: "Seniors Golf League". Address your envelope as shown above.
Entry fees are listed on the schedule.
Only one entry check per envelope.
Do not send cash.
Write the course name on the "For" line of your check and on the envelope, lower left corner.
If the name on your check doesn't match the name on your application, then write your name
in the lower left corner of your check.
Do not mail entries more than two weeks ahead of the tournament date.
We can't accept payments for future tournaments at the site of the current event.
If you are a member in good standing of the Host Course, write "M".
If you want to bring a Guest, write "Guest Request" and place a note inside with the guest's name.
If you have a request, write "Special Request" and put an explanatory note inside the envelope.
How to Enter a Tournament