We have a saying, "Sign Up, Show Up, Play"
You decide when and where you wish to play, then mail your entry check.  
Show up at the course, find your name on the posted alphabetical sheet and proceed to your assigned cart.
Load your bag on the cart, but do not take it to the practice area.  This helps us know who hasn't' shown up. 
Our typical event has between 60 and 100 players. We create flights by evenly dividing the number of players.
We typically have two or three flights. Your entry fee includes a prize money component. 
Take a look at the Latest Results to get an idea of where that money goes.
 Flexibility is one of the great things about the League. We know that schedules change, sometimes on short notice. 
 As long as you let us know at least 12 hours before the starting time, we will tear up your check. 
If you are a No Show, we will refund your entry fee minus the prize fee.
Shortly before tee off time, someone on the Committee will call us together with the traditional, "Gather Up".
Most of the guys will be in the cart area shooting the bull.  Some will be putting.  Others are hitting balls on the range.
Everyone comes together for the announcements.  New members and any guests are introduced and welcomed to the
group.  Local rules for the day will be covered. 
Then we head out to our assigned tees and begin the round.  After you play a few times you will start to get to
know some of the guys.  We try to mix up the pairings so that people don't   play with the same members all the time.
When you complete the round, your group's scorekeeper turns in the scorecard at the scorer's table.
We enter the scores on our league laptop. When all scorecards have been entered, we finalize the event. 
The winner's merchandise certificates are printed, stamped and mailed.  

We send everything to the website from the laptop before we leave the course. 
e-Mails with the results are sent to the media. In other words, you can see how you did around the time you get home.
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