Late Entry - Withdrawals

It is critical that ALL of the following people are notified.  Please let us know as soon as you can.
*  If you are scheduled to play, but fail to appear without notifying us at least twelve (12) hours before tee time,
    you will be considered a "No Show" and will forfeit the $6.00 prize fee.
*  The rest of your entry fee will be refunded.  If you notify us at least twelve (12) hours before tee time we will tear up you check. 
*  Notification in any manner the morning of the tournament will be considered the same as a "No Show".

*  Our strong preference is e-mail notification.  Do not send four (5) separate e-mails. 
*  Send one e-mail addressed to all four (5) of the people listed below.
*  This way we know that everyone received the e-mail. 
*  You will receive a confirming e-mail from the person doing the pairings for that particular tournament.
*  If you don't get a confirmation you should send it again, and /or call.

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Send Mail

You can also set up a group e-mail.  If you don't know how to do this, open you e-mail client and click Help Group e-mail
If you don't have until you reach one person...they will help you.

e-mail address
   Hal McHorris- President / Pairings      423-245-9833  
   Vic Blevins- Vice President / Pairings      423-480-0935
   John Rusyniak - Pairings
   Don Lofgren - Technical Assistant / Pairings       423-538-7535   
  Steve White - Technical Manager / Pairings      423-791-2304