How to Bring a Guest

Instructions for Bringing a Guest
  • In the lower left hand corner of your envelope write "The Course Name - Guest Request".
  • Put a note in the envelope along with your check.
  • The note should say something like this "I want to bring a guest - his name is John Doe".
  • Guests will pay the club directly, and will not participate in tournament prizes.
  • It is also helpful to send an explanatory e-mail by clicking the Send Mail link below.
  • Local guests are limited to two (2) league plays per year.
  • Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assign you and your guest to the same cart.
Send Mail

e-mail address
   Hal McHorris- President / Parings      423-245-9833  
   Vic Blevins- Vice President / Parings      423-480-0935
   John Rusyniak - Pairings
   Don Lofgren - Technical Assistant / Pairings    
   Steve White - Technical Manager / Pairings      423-791-2304