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Updated March 20, 2021

                                   We have added a play at Pine Oaks Golf Course and dropped Glenrochie CC.

2021 Hole-In-One Class
June 7
Patriot Hills
Randy Orten on hole #15
Witness: Charlie Garnett, Carl Bradshaw, John Archer
April 22
Lewis Songer on hole #8
Witness: Joe Bledsoe, Mike Pascoe, Rick Phillips
April 26 Graysburg Hills
Andy Quillen on Knobs #8
Witness: Hal McHorris, Tom Necessary, Gerry Wohlford

2020 Hole-In-One Class
July 16th
Paul Gallucci on hole #12
Witness: Bill Smith, Harry Heisner, Warren Osbourne
July 23rd
Crockett Ridge
Howard Catron on hole #11
Witness: Jim Brunke, Terry Woods, Tom Petti

2019 Hole-In-One Class
March 28th
Mike Rader on hole #15
Witness: Charlie Garnett, Mike Damberg, Bob Glenn
July 8th
Mike Hagy on hole #13
Witness: Tim Silver, Ken Olszta, Donnie Overbay

2018 Hole-In-One Class
August 30th
 Andrew Johnson
Hal McHorris on hole #3
Witness: John Rusyniak, Don Lofgren, Bill Wildman
September 13th
Crockett Ridge
Bill Wildman on hole #11
 Witness: Mack Clark, John Rusyniak, Gary Edens

2017  Hole-In-One Class
April 24th
Clear Creek
Rick Cage on hole #6
Witness: Vic Blevins, Sammy Hubbard, Bob Sams
April 24th
Clear Creek
Dean Lowman on hole #8
Witness: Marshall Morrell, Larry Edens
April 27th
Bob Ross on hole #3
Witness:  Hal McHorris, Ron Hensley, Malcolm McKinney
June 26th
Sam Haren on hole #3
Witness: Danny Bailey, Michael Hagy, Brian Clark
September 18th
Twin Creeks
John Rusyniak on hole #15
Witness: Don Lofgren, Mack Clark, Bill Wildman